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tri fold brochure template

Tri fold brochure is a brochure type that are commonly used by small business because it allows for more information to be shared and can be mailed in a standard envelope. A professional designed tri folder brochure template can increase your marketing efficiency and effects.

Tri-Folder Brochure and Marketing Communication

Brochures are one of the direct marketing tools that many companies get printed to distribute to their prospects and end customers. These brochures carry you marketing messages and also showcase your products and services and has proven to be an cost effective marketing method.

Direct marketing through brochure can be an effective marketing communication tool if planned and done correctly. Direct marketing is a form of promotional methods that reaches its targets directly through multiple channels. Companies can communicate straight to the consumer with direct advertising techniques such as flyer marketing, catalog distribution, brochures advertising etc. Direct marketing is practiced by businesses of all sizes - from the smallest start-up to the leaders on the Fortune 500. A well-executed direct advertising campaign can offer a positive return on investment as the message is not hidden with overcomplicated branding. Instead, direct advertising is straight to the point; offers a product, service, or event; and explains how to get the offered product, service, or event.

Tri folder brochure Marketing campaign

Tri-fold brochures are welcomed by many marketing professionals since Tri-fold brochures allow you to quickly share all your information and details directly with those that need it. Tri folder brochure leaflets can be used for a variety of purposes. For a new start-ups, you can quickly market your company and make your presence through this method. you can list the services you offer, your products and advantages etc. many clubs and organizations use tri-fold brochures to detail information about upcoming event details.

Tri fold brochure template

For creating your own tri fold brochure template, you need to consider the tools, style and the designs. It is easy to design your own personalized tri folder leaflets using common software such as Photoshop or Word. For Tri folder brochure template, you need consider the layout for your front, back and insider cover. The front cover should be visually appealing and provide enough content to invite the reader to open the piece and read more.

In creating your tri fold template, you need to give emphasis on key message you want to deliver. For example, you can use contrast color to emphasize your key information. This key message need to be assigned to the front or insider page rather than back cover. For the back cover, don’t put anything on the back cover other than contact information. This is the panel that people are least likely to read, so if you put an important message there, it will be lost. the inside front panel is the key area that you should put most of your information here.


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