Business impact analysis template

Business impact analysis is an important process that analyzes crucial business functions, and identify which business units, operations and processes are essential to the survival of the business.The business impact analysis will facilitate the identification of how quickly essential business units and/or processes have to return to full operation following a disaster situation.

cost benefit analysis template

Cost benefit analysis is method that assesses the case for a project or make business decisions. Benefits and costs are often expressed in money terms, and are adjusted for the time value of money, so that all flows of benefits and flows of project costs over time are expressed on a common basis in terms of their present value. Cost benefit analysis template can help business have a consistent format and methods to handle business decision process.

construction proposal template

Construction proposal is a response to the bidding to show how the tender to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project. The tender is treated as an offer to do the work for a certain amount of money or a certain amount of profit.

work order template

Work order is for products or services and can be created internally or externally. External work order is an order received by a company from a customer or client and internal order is created within the organization.

asset register template

Asset registers are listings of information relating to various aspects of an asset portfolio. Asset register can use many methods to store data such as computer, card file or paper based. Building a Asset Register template can play a important role in managing assets for a larger corporation or institutions.

payslip template

Payslip is a slip of paper that giving details of money earned and tax and insurance paid to employees during the pay period. Some countries state that employers must issue pay slips to each employee within 1 working day of their pay day. A clean designed payslip template will increase work efficiency for many small business.

Rent Receipt Template

Rent receipt can keep track of the payment made by tenant. Many states require landlords to give tenants a receipt for the rent. For a property owner, designing a rent receipt template can save you many troubles of doing tedious tasks.

commercial invoice template

A commercial invoice is a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer. These invoices are often used by governments to determine the true value of goods when assessing customs duties. Although there is no standard format, your commercial invoice template should include some key information such as the involved parties, the goods, countries of manufacture etc.