Behavior Contract Template

Behavior contract is a written document that is widely used by teachers to change student behavior. It states details conditions for the students to follow and appropriate consequence should the student neglect to behave according to the contract.


Behavior contract Overview

In many classroom, there will be students whose behavior require additional attention. The child may have organization challenges, or struggle to complete class work or Sometimes students have a hard time knowing exactly how to act within the classroom setting or need a reminder about appropriate behavior and expectations. School administrators, psychologists, or other teachers often suggest the use of behavior contracts with these students. the behavior Contracts can be made with individual students or with the whole class.

Parents may find the behavior contract useful in discipline their child. a behavior contact set out expectations and responsibilities and saves time and reduces arguments when everyone in your household knows the expectations and consequences. It is important to know that the success of using a teenager behavior contract begins with your relationship with your teenager. If you don’t have a close relationship with your child then imposing rules without the foundation of a good relationship can lead to rebellion. However, if you do have a solid foundation, a home contract can be very helpful. the parent should know that the main objectives of a behavior contract is to hold your teenagers accountable for their behavior while allow you to maintain a reasonable amount of control.

According to studies and feedback from schools, there are certain benefits using the behavior contract. Firstly, The teacher and students have a shared goal and the students have a clear understanding of what should do and don’t have to guess the rules, also , the contract and regulations encourage open communication and stop students from game playing.

Behavior Contract Template

Template format and style: there are no standard format or style for your behavior contract, however, you can search around those free template and have a general ideas of the common format. It is also a long process that involves students and teachers to create an effective sample. the key elements that should include in the example: the goals, a clear and detailed definition of the unwanted behaviors, reward and penalties, monitoring and control, data and signature etc