work instruction template

Work Instructions are the most basic tool used in every business or organization to help an employee follow a sequence of steps. It describes the details of the specific steps necessary to fulfill the general tasks.

Work Instructions Basics

Many company have developed detail work instructions and documents. The purpose of a Work Instruction is to organize steps in a logical format so that an employee can easily follow it independently. Procedures for a process can be very long with multiple steps. Work Instructions enable us to remove some of the detail so that an employee can better understand the overall process.

In the process of designing company work order document, it is important to consider the internal and external requirements. The degree and extent to which work instructions are required by an organization depends on the complexity of the process, the education, experience, knowledge and skills of the workforce running that process and other important factors. Work instructions need also consider the external factors such as quality, environmental, or health and safety compliance.

Work Instructions can have a big influence on the effectiveness of a management system . Inadequate Work Instructions could result in returned product, loss of materials, customer complaints, or other problems.

Work Instruction template

Template format: There is no perfect format for all organizations. The types that will work best for an individual company will be developed over time through trial and error. you need to build your own favorite style for your template through discussions and feedback

Work instruction template process: An effective way to write procedures and work instructions is to interview the people and create a process flow diagram of the process from start to finish.