project timeline template

Project timeline can make sure that you will finish your project on schedule. The project timeline lists all major aspects of your project including both tasks and key resources needed to complete your project, a professional designed project timeline template will contribute to the success of the projects.

Project Management Approach

The best approach to the effective project management has been discussed and practiced for a long time, people have developed different approach to project management. In essence, there are two types of method: process based management and agile project management. Process-based management focus on the process of the management and the process is the basis on which decisions are made and actions are taken. On the other hand, the agile project management put more emphasis on the human interactions and collaboration. Under agile project management approach, the project is seen as a series of relatively small tasks conceived and executed as the situation demands in an adaptive manner, rather than as a completely pre-planned process.

Project Timeline

Whatever approach the company may adopt for the project management, Establishing a project timeline is crucial to the success of project implementation, the following are the steps to follow

* Outline the due dates of key milestones: when the important date is set, companies can coordinate the deliverables with other important company events — board meetings, earnings releases, or national sales meetings — where they might want to present some of the project findings.

* Include deadlines in your schedule for items that the some department must provide to you, so they know their responsibilities. If they miss deadlines and force your schedule to shift, it will have been clear from the beginning.

* Make sure there is enough time for your team to complete the necessary research and analysis to make solid recommendations, while still allowing company sufficient time to implement those recommendations.

Project Timeline Template

There are some commercial software to build up your project timeline template, however, you can common software to create your own customized project timeline template which can suit the project particular situations.

The first thing to consider for your project timeline template is the time schedules. You need to consider the time span, the objectives, requirements for the project. you then divide your whole time span of the project into chunks.

The next thing for your project timeline template is the critical milestones. you need to consider the critical milestones and give more emphasis on the date. For example, you many give a different color and add additional information on the key date.

The last thing for your project timeline template is the interaction between the key building blocks. there are some key milestones and building blocks for any project management, however, there are not standing alone, rather you may interact with each other. you need to consider the interaction between theme.