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project schedule template

A project schedule is a list of tasks and important dates for a given project. Its main purpose is to show the time line over which a project will be completed, including start and end dates for tasks. Creating a project schedule template will will help you design a professional project schedule.

Project schedule overview

Before your creation of project schedule, it is important to work out the project breakdown and a resources list. The reason for this is that a schedule itself is an estimate: each date in the schedule is estimated, your estimate must based on the available resources and the project itself.

there is often misunderstanding about project schedule and project plan. the key difference between the two is that the project plan is the formal document used to define the manner in which the project will be managed and guided.

Project Schedule Template

Many project scheduling software products exist which can do much of the tedious work of calculating the schedule automatically, however, you can use Excel program to create your personalized project schedule template

Project Schedule Template Content: Open a new Excel file and Enter each major timeline in the first column of a new Excel spreadsheet and then add a proposed start date for each major timeline in the next column and a proposed completion date in the third column. Add more detail to each major timeline by inserting new rows between the major subprojects as need to define in detail the tasks associated with the completion of each major subproject.

Project Schedule Template Date: Add a proposed start and completion date for each associated task under each major subproject.


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