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organizational chart template

Organizational chart is a diagram that demonstrates the structure of an organization, it also shows the organization relationships and relative ranks. A well designed organization chart template can help you and others understand better your company structure and improve management.


Organizational Chart Overview

Org Charts are often used to show people the structure of the organization. This organization is supposed to reflect the power structure of the company. However, it only present the responsibility structure. In many large companies the organization chart can be large and incredibly complicated, However, The real power in the organization may follows lines of communications

There are basically three types of organizational charts, hierarchical, flat or matrix. the hierarchical structure is often popular with the traditional company and flat is commonly seen in technology based corporations.

Organization Chart Template

There are many org chart software to help you design your template, you can also use common software such as Word or Excel to build up you customized template

Organizational Chart template style: there are some free chart template on the internet you can choose, you also need to consider your company particular situation and needs

Organizational chart template Tools: in Excel, there are different layout you can choose, the following is instructions on how to use Excel to create your free template

First: Open your Excel program and select the "Diagram or Organization Chart" option on the "Drawing" toolbar, you can edit the chart by selecting the desired box and clicking the "Insert Shape" button on the Organization Chart toolbar. you need to be careful with the relationships it presents

Second: Edit your information on the box and if necessary, you can format your information using the formatting tools.

Finally, save your designed chart structure for your future reference


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