Project Status Report Template

Project status report template is a template that shows the stage and status of project implementation. A sample project status report will help project managers report on the status of a project to key project stakeholders, including project sponsor, and senior manager.

Project Status Report Overview

Project status report is an effective communication tools for project mangers to update the progress of projects to all interested parties. In order to implement the project in an effective way, a good communication is a key to your success as a status report can keep management and project team informed and move in the same direction. Also, project stakeholders need to know how the project is managed.

Project status report need to have an clear format and layout. In your project status report, you need to show the project milestones, timeline and the main issues. The project may have a milestone and important date, you need to show which milestones are complete, which ones are in progress, and which ones are coming up next. This allows the reader to analyze the schedule and decide to either feel comfortable with it or challenge it. In your report, you need to also include any potential issues ahead. In the process of implementing the project, there may be new issues discovered, you need to give details about each issue.

Project Status Report Template

There are free project status report template you can get from net to use, however, you can use common software such as Word or Excel to create your own personal project status report template, in the process of developing your own sample project status report, it is important to consider the project status report style, format and key elements contained in the template.

The first part in the project status report sample is the status report. In this part, you may show project description, the milestone deliverable for the last reporting period, the project impact of success or failure of milestone deliverables for the remaining period of the project.

The second part in the project status report example is the budget report. In the section, you may write with respect to planned expenditure, actual expenditure and deficit/surplus.

The last key part in the sample project status report is the project issues and recommendations. In this part, you may specify any changes to the major risks identified since the previous report and modification to the strategies put in place to manage them, if appropriate. Also, include areas of concern, specific problems, and any action/decision that needs to be taken by the management team and related parties. In the part, you may answer the questions that concern related parties: will the project be completed on time and on budget? will the project be completed on time and on budget? will the project deliverables be completed within acceptable quality levels? Are project issues and risks being addressed successfully and mitigated? etc.