Project Report Template

Project report template is a documents that shows the project background, project implementation, project results etc. A sample project report can help project mangers and researchers to write an effective project report with a clear format and consistent style.

Project Report Overview

A project report need to focus on the key elements of project. In general, there are three key areas in project: the project resources, the project milestones and the project budget. It is important to know that all these elements are interrelated. Each must be managed effectively. All must be managed together if the project is to be a success.

A project report need to give all relevant key information. Your report is the written record of your entire project from start to finish. When read by a person unfamiliar with your project, the report should be clear and detailed enough for the reader to know exactly what you did, why you did it, what the results were etc. This written document is your spokesperson when you are not present to explain your project, but more than that, it documents all your work.

Project Report Template

There are free project report template on the net you can use, however, you can you can use common software such as Excel or Project to create your own personalized project report template. In the process of creating your own sample project report template, it is important to consider the project report style, project report format and the key elements included in the template.

The first key part in the project report sample is abstract and introduction. In the part, you need to give a brief on the project background. The abstract is a brief overview of the project. It should not be more than one page and should include the project title, a statement of the purpose, a hypothesis, a brief description of the methods and procedures, and the results. The introduction is a statement of your purpose, along with project background information.

The second key part in the project report example is the procedures. In this part, you need to list the specific methods and procedural steps in carrying out the research project including the time schedule. you may also state how you will collect Data etc.

The third key part in the sample project report is the conclusion. In this part, you will give summary of your conclusion. The conclusion summarizes what you have discovered based on your research results. The conclusion states the hypothesis and indicates whether the data supports it. The conclusion can also include a brief description of plans for exploring ideas for future researches.

The last part of your project report template is sources. In this part, you may state the resources etc. Sources are the places where you have obtained information, including all of the written materials as well as the people you have interviewed. For the written materials, write a reference. List people that you have interviewed together with their titles in alphabetical order by last name.