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guided reading lesson plan template

Guided reading is a method of teaching reading to children. The teacher provides support for small groups of readers as they learn to use various reading strategies. It is a preferred approach employed within primary schools.


Guided Reading Guide

Guided readings usually involves dividing the class into small groups based on academic ability, reading levels, or strategic/skill-based needs. The idea is that the teacher is not interrupted by the other children in the class whilst focusing on one group. The session would have a set of objectives to be taught. Whilst guided reading takes place with one group of children, the remaining children are engaged in independent or group literacy tasks. Although guided reading has been traditionally associated with primary grades it can be modified and used successfully in all grade levels

The key to the success of guided reading to the selection of reading materials. The reading must be purposeful and have the needs of the learners in mind. Texts should not be chosen to simply teach a specific strategy. Rather, the texts should be of such high quality that students can apply a wide range of reading comprehension strategies throughout the reading. When the proper books are selected, students are able to read without much difficulties. This enables the students to enjoy the story because there is not an overwhelming amount of "road blocks" that interfere with comprehension. Students focus on the meaning of the story and application of various reading strategies to problem solve when they do hit a road block in their knowledge or reading ability.

There are general process of guided readings. At beginning, A Teacher will introduce background knowledge and general information. then, The students will read independently within the group. As students read, the teacher will monitor student decoding and comprehension. The teacher may ask students if something makes sense, encourage students to try something again, or prompt them to use a strategy. After the students have finished up, the teacher will again check students' comprehension. The group will also discuss reading strategies they used during the reading.

Guided reading lesson plan template

A well designed guided reading lesson plan template will help your achieve your reading targets and save you time. There are no universal format for your template, however, it is important to include key elements in your lesson plan template: the reading goals and objectives, the reading material, the overall process and practices, the adaption and assessment part etc


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