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A test plan set out the strategy and scopes that will be used to verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. The test plan defines the objectives and scope of the testing effort, and identifies the methodology that your team will use to conduct tests.


Test Plan Overview

A well defined test plan will help your system test successfully. It also identifies the hardware, software, and tools required for testing and the features and functions that will be tested. your test plan need to identify any risk factors that jeopardize testing and includes a testing schedule.

There are different types of test plan, Depending on your company type and the test itself, a test plan may include one or more of the following: * Design Verification or Compliance test - to be performed during the development or approval stages of the product, typically on a small sample of units. * Manufacturing or Production test - to be performed during preparation or assembly of the product in an ongoing manner for purposes of performance verification and quality control. * Acceptance or Commissioning test - to be performed at the time of delivery or installation of the product. * Service and Repair test - to be performed as required over the service life of the product. * Regression test - to be performed on an existing operational product, to verify that existing functionality didn't get broken when other aspects of the environment are changed

In your test plan, it is important to include the test method, Test methods in the test plan state how test coverage will be implemented. Test methods may be determined by standards, regulatory agencies, or contractual agreement, or may have to be created new. Test methods also specify test equipment to be used in the performance of the tests and establish pass/fail criteria.

Test plan template

There are no pre-defined test plan template which suits the needs of all tests as test have different types and situations. In the process of creating your own test plan template, it is important to include key information: how to define your testing objectives, which test method you will be using, what resources are available, the risk factors involved and the time schedule for your test plan.


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