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Traning Needs analysis template

Training Needs Analysis is the formal process of identifying the training gap and its related training need. A training needs analysis is an effective way to identify any gap between the skills your business needs and those your employees have. An well designed training needs analysis template will help you achieve your training objectives systematically.


Training needs analysis overview

In order to do your training needs analysis, you need to know the overall objectives of the training. The task of training can be broken down into a number of categories, each addressing a different part of the overall learning process. these categories are: Psycho-motor Skills, Procedural Skills, Knowledge Transfer, Communication Skills, Colossal Thinking, Attitude Learning and Performance Training. The function of training analysis is to build a formal bridge between the available design data and the training media and training objectives, in order to facilitate the transfer of training elements into the operational environment. It is crucial to assess skills gaps at all levels of the business. Seeking employee input can be particularly revealing as they are more likely to experience the day-to-day problems that arise when there is a skills gap. This makes them well placed to identify the skills and training they require in order to improve their performance. It involves gathering information to identify areas where your employees could improve their performance. You can also use all other available information such as employee surveys, management observations, customer comments, company meetings etc.

After conducting a training needs analysis, you also need to consider the training methods and media. you need to know how employees will best accept and integrate training and their preferred learning method. There is a wide variety of training media that can be used, ranging from traditional lecture-based teaching to sophisticated simulators. Different media will be more or less appropriate for different activities. It is necessary to determine the most suitable and cost-effective training media for the different areas.

Training needs analysis template

Training needs analysis template style: there is no specific requirements or universal style that suits all company needs as company training may vary considerably, you can search for some sample training needs to get a general ideas

Training needs analysis format: whatever style you choose for your training needs analysis, it is important to include the key information and adopt a formal approach: the training needs analysis of your employee, training methods, the target group etc


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