performance evaluation template

Performance evaluation is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated. It is the process of obtaining, analyzing, and recording information about the contributions of an employee to the organization, if used effectively, performance appraisals can be tools for identifying and alleviating potential obstacles for and inspiring employees to aim for new heights in performance.

Performance Evaluation Overview

The performance review system has been adopted by many organizations. Generally, the aims of a performance appraisal are to give employees feedback on performance and form a basis for future personnel decisions such as salary increases, promotions, disciplinary actions, bonuses, etc. the performance evaluation process can also create a communication channels for employees and their supervisors

Performance Evaluation Standards

A popular approach to assessing employee performance is to use a rating system whereby managers are asked to score an individual against a number of objectives. In some companies, when an important assessment and decision is to make about an employee, the employees may need to receive assessments from their manager, peers, subordinates, and customers, while also performing a self- assessment. This is known as a 360-degree appraisal and forms good communication patterns.

Managers may dislike appraisals and try to avoid them. To these people the appraisal is daunting and time-consuming. The process is seen as a difficult administrative chore and emotionally challenging. The annual appraisal is maybe the only time since last year that the two people have sat down together for a meaningful one-to-one discussion.

Performance Evaluation Template

In the process of creating your own performance evaluation template, you need to consider template Style. While there are not particular requirements for the style and format of your template, your company may have different situation that need a personalized template to suit your needs, you can first to have a standard template and modify the template based on standard. There are basically three main sections you need to include for your template.

The first section of performance evaluation template is for the background information of the employee and evaluation. For example, you need the employee name, job title, department, employment duration, review period and the supervisor. You may also give instructions on the review criteria and standards.

The second part of performance evaluation template is for the different aspects of evaluation standards. In the section, you can evaluate the performance of employee based on the different aspects of requirements. For example, you may review the employee performance based on planning and organizing ability, knowledge and skills on the job, innovation and productivity, team participation etc. you need also give space for examples and comments for supervisor.

The last part of performance evaluation template is for accomplishments, tasks and activities. In the section, you can review employee’s list of accomplishments, activities and projects during the review period, and the performance objectives for the next period.