meeting minutes template

Meeting Minutes are the written record of a meeting, Meeting minutes are often brief and concentrate on material issues rather than being a verbatim report, so the minute-taker should have sufficient understanding of the subject matter to achieve this.

Meeting Minutes

meeting minutes keep note of the essential information of a meeting – decisions and assigned actions. They keep attendees on track by reminding them of their role in a project and clearly define what happened in a group session. It is usually important for the minutes to be terse and only include a summary of discussion and decisions.Minutes are meant to give an outline of what happened in the meeting, not a record of who said what.

In writing your meeting minutes, you need to follow a format. In general, minutes begin with the name of the body holding the meeting, place, date, list of people present, and the time that the chair called the meeting to order. The minutes then record what was actually said at the meeting, either in the order that it was actually said or in a more coherent order, regardless of whether the meeting follows any written meeting agenda. after the meeting, Minutes are sometimes submitted by the person who is responsible for them at a subsequent meeting for review. The traditional closing phrase is “Respectfully submitted,” followed by the officer’s signature, his or her typed (or printed) name, and his or her title.

the following are some tips on how to write an effective meeting minutes

Understand the purpose: Before writing minutes, you must know the purpose of it. First, meeting minutes provides a historical account of official business and operational decisions, and involvement of people making the decisions. Sometimes, minutes of meeting can become a legal document and evidence in court.

Record the key information: in your meeting minutes, you should always keep the key information in order and make sure you don’t miss critical message. Take notes of the issues discussed, major points raised and decisions taken. Make sure what you write will be easily understood, and usable in the future. Keep in mind, many of the meetings require the attendees looking back at the previous meeting’s minutes. So if people can’t read them, they’ll go for your head instead.

Meeting Minutes Template

Creating a meeting minutes can a time saving for those who are responsible for recording and writing meeting minutes, some company may design a meeting minutes template to create uniform meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes Template Format: there is no standard format for a minutes meeting. It depends on the particular organization. However, you need to follow a basic structure to the meeting which is almost standard. your meeting minutes template format should have the following key elements

* Name of the organization/business

* Name of the meeting

* Objective of the meeting

* Designations and names of the participants, presenters and speakers and the attendees.