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asset register template

Asset registers are listings of information relating to various aspects of an asset portfolio. Asset register can use many methods to store data such as computer, card file or paper based. Building a Asset Register template can play a important role in managing assets for a larger corporation or institutions.

Asset Register Guide

The asset register will record details of each assets. Typical data to be stored would be: asset number, equipment number, dept., asset name, model, serial number, drawing numbers, purchase price etc.Collecting data is very costly , asset register should focus on those aspects of assets that need to be known. Consider the following criteria when determining which assets to include in the asset register: the assets expected life, materiality, economic life etc. The expected life of an asset is a function of utility, life costs and technical or social obsolescence

Asset Register Template

Although there are no uniform requirements for the format of the assets template, you should should the state requirements to make sure that your asset register comply.

Asset Register Template key elements: whatever the format and style of your template, you should include the following key elements in your asset register form: the asset No. the description of the assets, the Brand name, the Purchase value, purchase date, current value, location, user.

You should leave columns for comments and audit: Assets need to ensure that an annual inspection of all recorded assets is carried out, and a record made of the results and the date(s) of the inspection.


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