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Payslip is a slip of paper that giving details of money earned and tax and insurance paid to employees during the pay period. Some countries state that employers must issue pay slips to each employee within 1 working day of their pay day. A clean designed payslip template will increase work efficiency for many small business.

Payslip Template

There are no standard payslip template for business. generally, Employers can choose what type of pay slip template is appropriate. However, there are some key elements you need to include in your payslip template

he employee’s pay slip must include: the name of the employer and employee, the date of payment and its period, the gross and net amount of pay, all allowances paid such as overtime or penalty rates; and all deductions from pay.

In your payslip template allowance and bonuses section, you should have details about monetary allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other entitlements paid that can be singled out. in the pay rate column, if the employee is paid an hourly rate, the employee should state the ordinary hourly pay rate and number of hours worked at that rate and the amount of pay at that rate, if the employee is paid an annual rate the rate as at the last day in the pay period

In your payslip template deduction section, there will be various types of deductions. any eductions made from your employee's pay should be singled out, these deductions may include taxes, social securities etc. employers are required to pay contributions for your employee’s benefit, these benefits should also be included

With the development of technology, some company now issue electronic payslip to employees, the template for electronic payslip is similar to the paper template and can be sent through emails and the payslip should be issued in an easily printable format.


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