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Rent Receipt Template

Rent receipt can keep track of the payment made by tenant. Many states require landlords to give tenants a receipt for the rent. For a property owner, designing a rent receipt template can save you many troubles of doing tedious tasks.

Rent Receipt Guide

The rent receipt can protects tenants who pay in cash, because the tenants do not have written evidence to prove that they did indeed pay the rent if they are challenged by the landlord. Although most tenants now pay by check or credit card, landlords in these states must still issue receipts if asked.

In Some states, the rent receipt can be used to for tax deduction purpose, you can claim your rent or a portion of your rent as a housing expense, and deduct it on your taxes. If you want to claim your rent on your taxes, you should have copies of rent receipts to prove that you have paid rent. also, If you live in a state that allows you to withhold a portion of rent in the event that your landlord fails to complete repairs, having rent receipts can help you document a history of your repair issues

Rent Receipt Template

Designing your own personalized rent template is not very difficult tasks as many landlord think, you can use common office tools such as Word process program to create your own template, the following are instruction on how to build up you own rent receipt template

Rent Receipt Heading Section: Create a new Word document, in the heading part, you can have Date of receipt, Amount paid, Start of rental period, End of rental period.

Rent Receipt Body Part: the body part is the landlord and tenants information. in this part, you can add the contact details of landlord and tenants

Rent Receipt footer part: this part about some additional information or comments


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