incident report template

Incident Reports are used to communicate information to other people and to document significant events within individual records. People often use the information obtained from incident reports to make decisions. A well designed incident report template will enable you include all relevant requirements and maintain a uniform style and format.

Incident Report Guide

There are different types of incident report ranging from a first aid to a serious injury or a dangerous situation. Companies need to train train employees in how to respond and to review some possible incidents, specific to the reality of your organization’s work environment.

When writing your incident report, it is important for the content of the incident report to reflect clear information in a factual, unbiased manner to avoid passing along opinions and judgments. Incident Reports are legal documents which may be viewed by the individual, his/her guardian, designee or legal representative and may be utilized by courts.

When writing your incident report, you should try to achieve objectivity and use plain language. When writing your report, be sure that you have not allowed an earlier situation or prior information to influence your perception of the current incident. You are writing your report as a recorder, not as a judge. Your report should have a simplistic style. You can describe the incident in concrete, behavioral terms. Please do not assume that people will understand generalities. The report need to be specific. If another individual receiving services is involved in the incident, do not refer to that person by full name; use his/her initials instead to protect confidentiality

Incident Report Template

During the course of designing your incident report template, you need to consider the style and format of your sample incident report.

The first part of your sample incident report should give details on the reporting itself. For example, you need to give the date, the report person and the contact details.

The second part for incident report format is details of the incident. In the section, the reporter should provide as much information as he/she has concerning what happened prior to the event/during the event as this may provide a clue to the reader. You should also have a section about some facts or observations.  The writer should list all related facts or information that is related to the incident. If there is injury happened, the reporter should also give  detail description of injury.

The last part of incident report example is for the action taken at the time of the incident. For example, you may give details steps and actions for relevant person who is responsible for the incident.