Free Sample Business Template

Template is a predefined form and format that can help you design your personal and business documents. When you decide to build up your  personalized template for your own needs, It is important to consider the template format, template style, layout and the key elements included in the template.

Types of Template

There are different types of template for various purpose and objectives, for example,

  • Agreement template is a sample format that can help both parties to reach a mutual agreement
  • Invitation template can help you to design a professional invitation inviting your best friends or business partners
  • Report template can help your produce a professional report for business or academic purpose etc.

Template Design Guide

In the process of designing your own samples, you may download free templates for your reference or you can get instructions on the structure and layout.

  • Template need to be flexible and consider the different situations
  • Template need to be clear, you may add instructions for the user of the template
  • Template need to have various style and format that can suit for needs of different people

Template Examples and Layout

Agreement template is an agreement sample that shows the agreement format, agreement style and agreement layout in sample agreement template. For example, commercial lease agreement template give instructions on the commercial lease agreement format, commercial lease agreement layout.

Contract template is an agreement sample that shows the contract format, contract style and contract layouts in various sample contract template. For example, construction contract template shows the construction contract format, construction contract style and key ingredients  contained in sample construction contract.

Project template is an project sample that shows the project process, project format and key elements included in sample project templates for different objectives. For example, project timeline template shows the project timeline format, project timeline style and project timeline layout in sample project timeline.

Plan template is an plan sample document that shows the plan format, plan style, plan layout and key elements contained in sample plan. For example, quality control plan template shows the quality control plan format, quality control plan style and key structure for sample quality control plan.

Card template is a card sample that shows the card format, card style, card layout and key design pattern for sample card. For example, insurance card template display the insurance card format, insurance card style and the structure of sample insurance card.