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A flyer is a single page leaflet advertising a nightclub, event, service, or other activities. Flyers are commonly used by individuals or businesses to promote their products or services. Creating a professional designed flyer template that grab people attention is important for many business.

Flyer and marketing communications

There are many inexpensive and direct direct communication methods that has proved to be very successful for example: Flyers, pamphlets and small posters. Unlike other marketing communication methods, Flyers are inexpensive to produce and are regarded as a very effective form of direct marketing. Their widespread use intensified with the spread of Cheep PC tools.

In order to make your flyer promotion effective, you need to consider some key factors: flyer style, flyer design and flyer distribution. flyers can have different size ranging from A7 to A3 poster size. The size that you choose depends on where the leaflet is being distributed and your budget. When you are planning to send your staff to hand out flyers on the street, , A7 size has proved most popular as they are small enough for the recipient to put in their wallet. When being delivered to households leaflets usually take the form of A6 or A5, depending on how much information needs to be put across.

Leaflet distribution services are used extensively by the fast food industries, and many other business focusing on a local area. Compared with the distribution through mail, the method is targeted purely by area, and costs a fraction of the amount of a mailshot due to not having to purchase stamps, envelopes or having to buy address lists and the names of home occupants.

Flyer Template Guide

During your process of developing your own flyer template, there are some guidelines you need to consider in order to produce an eye-catching flyer template

Flyer Template Ideas: You can search around and get ideas from other flyers. Scan the flyers and note which ones stand out to you the most. Take a closer look: What made those flyers stand out to you?

Flyer Template Paper: Neon paper will grab the most attention on its own, but it can overpower the text or pictures. Consider using a color that's bright but still soft enough to create contrast with dark ink.

Flyer Template Style: It is better to use photographs to tell your story. Show the benefit or the result of using your product or service in a photograph. People new to design tend to make text and graphics too big and/or too bold. Keep your layout simple. Limit yourself to two typefaces to minimize the visual confusion. You need to know the key message and the attention center of your flyer template. Decide which idea or image is most important on the page and make it the single most dominant visual element by playing up its size, position, or density.


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