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A company profile basically shows your potential clients what you do, your company history and the competency to do it etc. Company profile gives an overview of what your company can offer potential clients, who you are as an organization, and what makes your offerings unique.


Create Company Profile

Before you create your company profile, it is important to plan your structure clearly. Make sure that the title of the document and the company name and logo are well placed and clearly seen. the middle section is about company brief overview, the last section is about important company information such as office location, subsidiaries or sister companies, if any; legal status-registration number, tax registration ,Trading Licenses; Bankers and account details.

In your company history and overview, you may introduce the scope of services you provide or your products. Introduce all outstanding projects you have done before. It is also paramount to supplement your projects with pictures if applicable. You can also give the volumes of works you have handled in terms of cost/value.

In your last section, you may include some other related information. such as Bank credentials and legal documents as These may be required in order to assess whether the company possesses a sound financial base to successfully accomplish a given type of project.

Company profile is not story telling. You can write separate information sheets, fact sheets about specific offerings or aspects of your company. However, keep a company profile as a basic introduction to your company and what it does. Be very careful with the nature of company profile you intend to write. Understand what you require and what you don’t, then proceed.

Company Profile Template

Company profile format: there are no standard style for the template, If you are lack of ideas about what your format should be, you can look about and find some examples on the internet and learn from it

Company profile example: In your template example, you need to include key elements: your company name, logo, history, products and services, some additional information that show your company abilities


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