Financial Report Template

Financial report template is a template that state the company’s financial position including financial assets and liabilities, cash flow statement and income statement. A sample financial report template will help accountant and management team to prepare the financial reporting of company performance.

Financial Report and Financial Statement

Financial report generally give an overview of past performance of business. It generally has three statements and explanation. The three statements are balance sheet statement, income statement and cash flow statement and a footnote. The balance sheet portrays the financial position of the company by showing what the company owns and what it owes at the report date, the income statement reports on how a company performed during the period(s) presented and shows whether that company’s operations have resulted in a profit or loss, The statement of cash flows reports on the company’s cash movements during the period(s) separating them by operating, investing and financing activities.

In order to understand the financial report in detail, you need to read the footnotes that accompany with the report. The footnotes provide more detailed information about the financial statements. It generally give the accounting policy governing the three statements. , tax issue, depreciation methods etc.

Financial Report Template

There are free financial report template you can download for a reference or you can create your own sample financial report template using Excel software. In the process of creating your own template, you need to consider the format of financial report template and the key sections included in the template.

The first key section in sample financial report is the balance sheet statement. In the section, you need to give the details of assets, liabilities and shareholder equity. The Assets section includes all the goods and property owned by the company, and uncollected amounts due to the company from others. The Liabilities section includes all debts and amounts owed to outside parties. The Shareholders’ Equity section represents the shareholders’ ownership interest in the company—what the company’s assets would be worth after all claims upon those assets were paid

The second key section in financial report example is the cash flow statement. In the section, you need to give details on the operating cash flow, investing cash flow and financial cash flow. There are different methods for calculating operating cash flow, you may use direct or indirect methods to calculating operating cash flow.

The third key section in financial report template is the income statement. In the section, you need to show how the company does in the past year and give an overall results of past 5 years. You need to show the total revenue and expense, the gross profit, net profit and the retained earnings. The costs incurred usually consist of: Cost of sales; selling, general and administrative expenses, such as wages and salaries, rent, supplies and depreciation; interest on money borrowed; and taxes