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Bid Sheet Template

Bid sheet are commonly used in silent auctions which is a popular way of raising funds for nonprofit and charitable organizations. Having a well designed bid sheet template is your first step. the article introduce some guidelines on creating a bid sheet template.


Bid sheet Guide

Silent auctions are auctions held without an auctioneer. People place their bids on sheets of paper instead. It differs from the typical auction conducted by an auctioneer who calls out the prices for interested parties to compete. a silent auction is often conducted by setting up tables or displays of items upon which people can bid. a bid sheet is located near the item, which allows for people to write down their names and bids. each bid sheet often gives a summary of the merchandise being offered and a suggested retail value.

Bid Sheet Template

you can use common software to create your own personalized bid sheet template, the following are instruction on how to develop your own bid sheet template

Bid Sheet Template creating tool: a wide used Word process software will do, open your Word program and start a new blank document

Bid Sheet Template style and graphics: it is better to have some companies logos and special graphics designed for the auction, to insert the picture, go to "Insert" function and then place the graphics or logos on your bid sheet

Bid Sheet Template Key Element: you need to have the item name, category and description, bid price, list number column for your bid sheet. when you finish this part, Make a numbered list down the page. Add a line following each number. You can Enter the starting bid on the first line. If desired, add predetermined increments for each following bid, or leave the lines blank for bidders to fill out themselves.


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