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A sales receipt is a written acknowledgment that a sum of money has been received as an exchange for goods or services. Regardless of the purchased amount,  you are entitled for a sales receipt. For business or shops, a well designed sales receipt template will save time and increase work efficiency

Sales Receipt Overview

When shopping at retailers, consumers are often given a sales receipt at checkout that lists the purchases made, the total amount of the transaction including taxes, discounts and other adjustments, the amount paid and the method of payment. Sales receipt can also have other functions as well, for example, it is functioned as written proof of transaction and monitor the income of business or company and also help us to manage paper works.

Sales Receipts and Consumer Data

With the development of technology, sales receipts now can store more information about the buying habits of consumers and products itself. These data will help retailers have a better understanding of consumer behaviors. Larger retailers are using bar codes on receipts that allow them to identify the transaction in their system. This is helpful for proving the authenticity of the receipt, especially when a customer is returning or exchanging goods. Some retailers' point-of-sale systems allow the salesperson to see a complete record of the customer's buying history, including information about other store locations the customer has visited, what they purchased or returned, and total accumulated spending.

Sales Receipt Template

In the process of building your own sales receipt template, you need to consider the format, style and the main message contained in the template. There are no standard sales receipt templates as sales can vary considerably, your template format and style should comply with your business and specific policies.

The first part of sales receipt template is about the details of the seller. In the section, you may have key messages delivered from the retailer and logo or designed images.

The second part of the template is for the details of sales, products or services. In the section, you need to leave room for the description of products, services, or other things of value that are sold by the merchant to the customer and their cost, in sufficient detail to identify the transaction.

The last part of the sales receipt template is for additional information. In the section, you may add a note clearly identifying the receipt as a retail sale, credit, or cash disbursement and identifies the receiving party of each copy. You need also include the date, the reference number, the name of the recipient, the amount, the time of transaction, the nature of transaction or the description of the purchased items, the amount in number and in words, the signature and the mode of payment. You can also give a brief on the business policy on return products, warranty or special offers.


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