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A sales report will present your sales figures to your sales manager or financial department. Sales person need to write sales report monthly if not daily. A well designed sales report template will save your time and show your sales results in a professional way

Sales Report Overview

The sales planning and reporting are crucial to the performance of business operation. A good sales reporting system will help company track and monitor the performance of sales departments. Sales report usually starts with an analysis of the lowest level of the salesperson and get a detailed view of sales within a defined period.

Sales Report and Performance

Sales report also function as a key performance indicators of the sales force of the company. The key performance indicators indicate whether or not the sales process is being operated effectively and achieves the results specified in sales planning and business plan. It should enable the sales managers to take timely corrective action deviate from projected values. Senior management may takes the raw data of the performance indicators and matches it against the action plans and projections of sales management.

Sales Report Template

Sales report are essential in helping sales department to managing sales activities. it is important to have a general idea of sales report element before you create your own personalized sales report template

One key area in your sales report template is details of sales and performance. A sales report is basically a summary of the total amount of sales of a particular accounting period, such as a day, week, year or an yearly quarter. In the sales report, you need to have the following key element

* Date or Time Period: One of the most important factor that is included in any sales report is the time duration within which the sales have taken place. there are many data format you can choose.

* Sales figures: The sales figures within this period should be clearly presented. in this template section, you may consider the possible discounts, tax issues and other consideration.

Another main consideration in creating your sales template is the tools to use. There are many tools to build up your sales report template, you can use Excel program to develop your template since it has many applications and flexibilities. Open Excel program and select template, you can browse different sales report template style, once you have selected your template style, you can make modifications to the template


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