communication plan template

Communication plan is a written document that describe how to reach target audiences using marketing communication channels such as advertising, public relations or other methods. A communication plan encompasses objectives, goals, and tools for all communications and it explains how to convey the right message, from the right communicator, to the right audience, through the right channel, at the right time.

Communication Plan

A communication plan is a written document that describes the objectives and goals of your communication program, It has details on your intended audiences, the tools and timetable for your communications and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication program

Communication Plan Objectives

When you begin your communication plan, it is your first step to define your communication goals. the communication goals include general programs, products, or services that you will use to achieve stated objectives. For example, if the objective is to improve member service, goals might include improved training for the member-service function, special communications directed at first-time members, a reference manual for handling complaints, and ongoing information for members.

After the goals have been set, you need to decide what tools will be used to accomplish stated goals. These tools can be anything from a simple flyer to a glossy magazine. Once objectives, goals, audiences, and tools have been identified, quantify the results in a calendar grid that outlines roughly what projects will be accomplished. the last step for your plan is to evaluate the results, the evaluation process will provide important feedback for your program and you may revised some of your plan based on the evaluation in the future

Communication Plan Template

Communication plan template style: building a personalized communication plan template will suit your own needs and increase your work efficiency in the future

Communication template structure: in your template, you need to have some key elements: communication objectives, target audience, and commutation tools etc. for the communication to be effective, the audience must be clearly identified and targeted with appropriate communication tools

Communication plan template first section is for goals and target audience: In the section, you need to clearly show the target audience and your objectives, what are the main characteristics of the audience, how can influence this group?

Communication plan Template second section is for communications channels and outlets. In the section, you basically state the methods to reach your target audience and communicate your key messages.