Business Report Template

Business report template is a documents that present relevant facts and information for certain business objectives or decision making. A sample business report will help business mangers to produce an professional business report.

Business report overview

There are different types of business report serving various purpose, the main objectives of business report is to support business decision making. The business report is the medium in which to present this information. Some reports might present to actual solution to solve a business problems, other reports might record past business information that is used toward future business planning. Business report writing is an essential part of doing business and an effective business report will help greatly in your business success.

In order to write an effective business report, you need to try to make your report accurate and objective. Accuracy in a business report includes accuracy of information and accuracy of writing. Since the information in a business report is used to make decisions, inaccurate information can lead to inaccurate decisions. Therefore, make sure your facts are right! The accuracy of any report depends upon the correctness of the data that was gathered to prepare it. Use reliable sources and be accurate in reporting all information. objectivity means presenting material free from personal feelings or prejudice. You can achieve objectivity by making a distinction between facts and opinions, limiting the use of unsupported judgments and inferences and reporting all pertinent information.

Business report template

There are free business report template on the net you can download, however, you may use Word to create your own sample business report for future use. In the process of creating your own template, it is important to consider the business report structure, format and the layout of the template.

The first part of the business report sample is introduction. In this part, you may give information on the report writer background, the name, the logo and the motto of the company are given. In this part, you may show a table of contents if the report is long.

The second part of the business report examples is executive summary. In this part, you will give the key points and conclusion of your report as the people may be saved the time and effort of going through the rest of the business report.

The third part of the business report template is the main body and recommendation. In this part, you will give details of your findings and conclusions. You may give recommendations if necessary.

Business Report Template Strategy

When preparing your business report, you need to determine your business report scope. A frequent mistake of many business reports is that the author makes the scope of a report too general or vague. As most business reports are required to support specific organizational objectives, strategies and decision making, it is critical that a chain of continuity in argument and evidence can be demonstrated between the purpose of the report, the research, and ultimately the solutions, findings or recommendations. The stronger this continuity the greater the weight the report will have in supporting the decision making process. When you choose a focus for a report, one of the first steps is to narrow the scope to a report length. The scope of the report is defined by determining the factors which will be studied.

When preparing your business report, you need to consider your target audience. Business reports usually have a number of different audience groups to reach so a report will often have a hierarchical structure to support different levels of detail. Many people may be involved in a decision-making process and they will have different levels of information requirements to support their decisions making process. In designing the report format and style, the following target audience characteristics should be considered: Their need for the report, education level, position in the organization etc.