Book Report Template

Book report template is a report on what you have gathered from reading a book. A sample book report includes information on the author, title, place and year of publication as well as a summary of the content of the book.

Book Report and Summaries

Book report is the process of choosing your favorite book and gathering what you have found about the book. If you are able to pick the book of your choice you must first decide the types of book you would like to read. This is an important question to ask yourself. If you do a book report on a book which you dislike, you are not going to enjoy writing a report on such a book. Even you have finished your book report, your report is probably going to be almost entirely negative.

If you have picked your favorite book, you need to find a good place and assign time for reading the book. There is nothing easier yet more satisfying than sitting down in a favorite place to read. Find somewhere quiet and private where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Try to pick the place where you can be transported into the world of the book with a minimum of distraction. It is fine to read your book in a single sitting, or you can read it over a number of days. Do not make yourself read a set number of pages or chapters every day. This can make your reading a chore. Read as much as you are comfortable with and then put the book down until you are ready to start again.

Book Report Template

There are some free book report template for your use, however, you can use common software such as Word or Excel to create your own sample book report template. In the process of creating your own book report template, it is important to consider the book report format, style and the key information contained in the book report template.

The first key section in book report template is background information. In the section, you need to the book title, author, the categories of the book and some background introduction.

The second key part in sample book report template is outline. In the section, you may give description of the book such as the setting, the time, the character and the main character. For example, where does the story take place? what is the time period of the story, the main character, who is the story mostly about? Give a brief description. Often, one character can be singled out as the main character, but some books will have more than one.

The last part in book report example is the summary. In the section, you will give a summary of what the author had to say about the subject. you need to pick only the most important points to discuss. For a biography, describe some of the key events in the person’s life. For a history or other subject, describe some of the main points made about the subject. If the book is divided into different chapters, you can often use those divisions as a guide to what the main points are.