Balance Sheet Template

Balance sheet is a summary of the financial balances of a company. It lists Assets, liabilities and ownership equity in a separate section. A balance sheet is commonly regarded as a snapshot of the company’s financial situations. Having a balance sheet template will help you present the financial results of the company with ease.

Balance Sheet Guide

A standard company balance sheet has three parts: assets, liabilities and ownership equity.The difference between the assets and the liabilities is known as equity, the assets is equal to liabilities plus ownership equities, this relationship always hold true

your company situation will determine your balance sheet format, big companies may have more complex balance sheets, however, A personal balance sheet may have simplified style balance sheet

Balance sheet Template

There are many pre-made balance sheet template, however, a personalized balance sheet template will fit your company or individual situation. there are some guidelines you need to following in designing a professional balance sheet template

Balance sheet template Format: There are two basic ways that balance sheets can be arranged. In Account Form, your assets are listed on the left-hand side and totaled to equal the sum of liabilities and stockholders’ equity on the right-hand side. Another format is Report Form,it lists assets at the top of the page and followed by liabilities and stockholders’ equity.

Balance Sheet Template key element: Your template should have assets, liabilities and ownership section. the assets section will list current assets and long-term assets, the liabilities section will have short-term liabilities and long term liabilities. the last ownership section should have common stock, retained earnings etc