Moodle Theme with Dropdown menu

The Bright Book Menu template has a drop down menu, you can easily modify the menu items through your administrative regions.

The template has a sample design format with bright book joomla template, if you are using both the system, the theme is your perfect choice. The theme has following key features:

  • Top dropdown menu that can be modified easily
  • Flexible design to suit different monitor resolutions
  • light blue design and easy layout.
  • Cross browser support.

How to Use the free Moodle Template

1. Downloading the theme

 2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;



Moodle Tips: Install Modules

When you install moodle, you have already installed standard modules such as assignments, forums, glossaries, lessons, quizzes, surveys etc. You can also get new  modules to extend your site functionalities.

 New modules are constantly being developed. You can browser and get modules from the official site. After you have found your favorite modules, installation is an easy procss:

1: Download the module and upload the module files into the /mod directory, so that the module now lives in its own subdirectory.

2: Log in to your site as the administrator, and go to the Admin page.

3. Moodle will search for new modules. When it finds one, it displays a message saying that it is building new module tables. At this point, it is adding tables to the database to accommodate the data that the new module will generate.

4. When moodle have finished the module installation process, Select the link for Modules. You will see a list of installed modules. The one that you installed should be on that list. An open eye icon indicates the module is available. A closed eye icon indicates the module is installed but hidden, so course creators cannot use that module or activities created with it. Click the eye icon to open and close it.

Project Template Design

Business and organizations are growing in enormity and complexity and few people understand the inner workings of the business operations.  Organizational chart is a diagram that demonstrates the structure of an organization, it also shows the organization relationships and relative ranks. A well designed organization chart template can help you and others understand better your company structure and improve management.  

Business need to have an initial assessment of project or business proposals before management team can reach decisions. A feasibility study is an appraisal of a business plan or proposals designed to determine the difficulty in carrying out a designated task. Developing a feasibility study template will make your feasibility study look professional and save your time.