Moodle 2.0 Theme for Online Learning

The free Broad Study Template is a perfect choice for  online learning study, the template follow the design principle of "keep it simple"  can be used for schools and education institutions.

The template features a horizontal adjust menu, you can easily adjusted the menu items in the Moodle administration region.

How to Use the free Moodle Template

1. Downloading the theme

2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;



Moodle Tip: Quiz Types

Moodle offer a varieties of quiz types for the teacher to choose.

Multiple Choice:  Multiple choice questions can have a single correct answer or multiple correct answers.

True/False:  The student selects from two options: True or False.

Short Answer The student types a word or phrase into the answer field. This is checked against the correct answer or answers. There may be several correct answers, with different grades.

Numerical:  Just as in a short-answer question, the student enters an answer into the answer field. However, the answer to a numerical question can have an acceptable error, which you set when creating the question.

 Calculated When you create a calculated question, you enter a formula that gets displayed in the text of the question. The formula can contain one or more wildcards, which are replaced with numbers when the quiz is run. Wildcards are enclosed in curly brackets

 Matching:  After you create a matching question, you then create a list of subquestions, and enter the correct answer for each subquestion. The student must match the correct answer with each question. Each subquestion receives equal weight for scoring the question.

Description This is not a question. It displays whatever web content you enter. When you add a description question, Moodle gives you the same editing screen as when you create a web page.

Random: When this type of question is added to a quiz, Moodle draws a question at random from the current category. The question is drawn at the time the student takes the quiz. Embedded Answers An embedded answers question consists of a passage of text, with answers inserted into the text. Multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and numeric answers can be inserted into the question.

Gift Template Guide

Gift certificate is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who have little time to shop or are not aware about the hobbies of the person. a well designed gift certificate template can help you achieve your target. Gift certificate is normally issued by retailers as an alternative to an gift as the person who received the gift card can purchase things as they wish. A special designed gift certificate template can give your family members or friends a surprise. 

Gift cards are easy ways for people to do their holiday shopping. Gift cards are an important marketing activities. For a business, choosing the right card design is an important part of the process. You can create your own gift card template with personalized style