Moodle Template  for Education

The free Education Essence  moodle theme is a perfect choice for those online E-learning site, the template has a simple and clean design and can be used for schools and education institutions.

The moodle Template is tested on moodle 1.8 and above. the following is the steps to use the moodle theme

1. Downloading the theme from this page

; 2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;

If you need to change the template logo picture, replace the logo.jpg with your own at pix folder.



Moolde Tutorial: Regulate the access to your course

After you have create your course, the next step is to decide how to control the access to your course, Moodle have different ways to regulate the access to your course.

If you enter an Enrollment key, each student must enter the key the first time he or she enters the course. Once a student has given the key and entered the course, the student can access the course without the key. If you change the key, students who have already accessed the course under the old key can continue to do so. However, new students will need to enter the new key the first time they enter the course. You usually supply the Enrollment key using something other than Moodle. For example, if you're charging for courses, you can put the Enrollment key on the payment confirmation page, or in a confirmation email sent to the payer. If you're using Moodle to supplement a live classroom, you can put the Enrollment key on the syllabus. If you're using Moodle within a corporation, you can put the Enrollment key on your intranet where only employees can get it, or even have it physically delivered to their mailboxes.

You can also combine the guest access and enrollment key to promote your course effectively. You can set up a  fully functioning sample course to let the students and customers experience your course format, activities etc. for the paid course, however, they still need a enrollment key to enter the course.

Contract Template Guide

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