Moodle theme for School

The free Vertical Blend  moodle theme can be used for schools and distance learning program and has a clean and simple design.

The theme has the following key characteristics:

  • Clean layout and lightweight
  • The page can be loaded fast and friendly for your SEO purpose.
  • Cross browser support and standard CSS 2.1 compliance.

Theme Installation Guide

The moodle Theme is tested on moodle 1.8 and above.

1. Downloading the theme from this page

 2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;



Moodle Tutorial: Group Mode in the course

When developing the course through moodle, many course creator negelect the function of group mode. Group mode can be an effective tool for your course if you use it wisely.

Group mode applies to activities in the course. Each course can have no or several groups. When set to No groups, all students in the course are considered to be in one big group. When set to Separate groups, all of the students in the same group can see each other's work. However, students in different groups, even though they are in the same course, cannot see work from another group. That is, the work done by different groups is kept separate. When set to Visible groups, students are divided into groups but can still see work from other groups. That is, the work done by one group's students is visible to the other groups' students. 

Using Separate groups enables you to reuse a course for many groups, while giving the impression to each group that the course is theirs alone. However, this doesn't work well for a Weekly format course, where the weeks are dated. If you start each group on a different date, the weekly dates will become incorrect. If you're running a Topics format course, you can easily reuse the course by separating your students into groups and running each group individually.  You can also assign a teacher to a group, so that teacher can see only his or her students.

Contract Template

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