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we offer free moodle themes for your moodle website, a new moodle theme with horizontal menu has been released. the template is based on our popular moodle theme with horizontal menu. the menu can be easily adjusted to your own special needs.

How to use this moodle template

The Template is tested on moodle 1.7 or above.

1. Downloading the template from this page

2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;

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 e-Learning strategy Process

The process of developing an comprehensive e-Learning strategy can be challenging, it is far easier  if  the plan is broken into different sections. The areas of focus listed below are not necessarily in order, and you can complete them as the opportunity comes available.

Part 1: Understand the overall situation

Before making any plan, it is important to analyze what you currently know about the existing situation and the anticipated direction, both internally and externally, for learning programs. This would identify key decision points and factors that impact strategies, software, tools, processes, resources required, learning, performance, business objectives, existing content, and channels. It would also identify a timeline and schedule for how and when to re-visit various issues as decisions are made.

Part 2: Select Content

 The overall goal in this step is to detail a process that will enable selection of appropriate content to put in an e-Learning format to meet the business and learning objectives. The content selection process determines how to decide which content, desired topics and subjects, and existing courses and content need to be developed, and in what manner.

Part 3: Development Strategy

In this part, the designer should decide which implementation model to chose and  detail how we interact with the model, and how we evaluate the output from the model.

Part 4: E-learning Technology and Platform

This part involves a high-level plan to address Web-portal design, LMS and LCMS features, functionality, technical requirements, and to flush out business needs and potential costing models. This process will document known technical and functional requirements, and evaluate existing software applications for how well they address those requirements.

Part 5: Measurement and evaluation

This part is to evaluate the performance of your e-learning program.  how you will measure the successes and failures of training programs within the organization.  Outcomes must be established to assess the whole technology-enabled instructional process, and the outcomes are highly dependent on the technology architecture, content, instructional design, teaching strategies associated with software, attitude of all those who participate, and the work environment.

The above five parts cover the key areas for your learning strategy implementation, However, it is important that you indeed explore each area, and a series of measures from each area will allow you to stay focused as you implement the strategy.

Agreement Template Guide

Agreement template is a commitment between related parties on new business transactions or plans. There are various types of agreement template ranging from business to individuals.

A partnership is a relationship between two or more persons who join together to establish a business. In the process of setting up a partnership business, it is common to sign a partnership agreement. Partnership agreement is a contract between you and your partners. The partnership agreement defines the many aspects of the business operations and shares of ownerships. A well designed partnership agreement template will help you get started when you are planning to set up a partnership business. 

Companies and business may have many private information that is crucial to the existing or development of business. To prevent the disclosure of confidential information to the other parties or public, companies usually need a confidentiality agreement. Confidentiality agreements are contracts entered into by two or more parties in which some or all of the parties agree that certain types of information that pass from one party to the other should be kept confidential. A well designed confidentiality agreement template will help you develop a professional confidential agreement and save you time in the future.