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Tutorial: Formatting of Lesson

A Lesson is the most complex, and most powerful, type of activity. Essentially, a Lesson is a series of web pages that presents information and questions. Usually, each page in a lesson is short, and ends with one or a few questions about the material on that page. Depending upon the student's answer, the student is taken to another page. A correct answer advances the student to the next page, further into the topic. An incorrect answer either repeats the current page, or sends the student to a remedial page.

Lesson Formatting: there are basically two types of lesson format to choose. Slide show enables the display of the lesson as a slide show. Each page becomes a slide. The lesson will appear in a new window. The width and height settings determine the size of the slide show window.  Display left menu shows a list of the pages in the lesson. By default, question pages are not shown in this list. However, on each question page, you can select a setting to show that page in the left menu.  

When designing your lesson, you have options to control the flow of the questions. Flow control options affect the student's ability to review and move through the lesson.

Allow student review option determines if the student can navigate back through the lesson and review his/her answers. Leaving this set to Yes may encourage students to explore the different answers and branches in a lesson.

Display review button option displays a button after a student submits an incorrect answer. The student can click the button and try the question again. If you're using the lesson as an exam, this should be set to No. But if you'd like to encourage the student to explore and learn, consider setting this to Yes. Maximum number of attempts option determines the maximum number of times a student can attempt to answer any question in the lesson. It affects all questions in the lesson. If a question doesn't have an answer to display, such as a short answer or essay question, Moodle displays a link to the next page instead. If you set this to 1 attempt, your lesson becomes a quiz with each question displayed on its own page.

Action after correct answer option is the difference between a normal lesson, where the student proceeds through the pages in order, and a flash card lesson. Normally, when a student selects a correct answer, the lesson displays the next page of the lesson.

 Plan Template Guide

Guided lesson plan is designed for the pre-education of children. Guided reading is a method of teaching reading to children. The teacher provides support for small groups of readers as they learn to use various reading strategies. It is a preferred approach employed within primary schools.  A well designed guided reading lesson plan template will help kindergarten teachers to achieve their education objectives and make the whole education process fun and attractive.