Free Moodle Theme - a template with rounded corner

This moodle theme has a rounded corner and horizontal menu, the menu can be easily adjusted to your own needs. It has the following key features:

  • Top menu that can be easily adjusted according to your own needs.
  • Four Rounded corners.
  • Clean designs that can be used for different needs.


moodle theme


Tutorial: Formatting a  page

There are three types of formats you can use while creating a new text page. Each offers some advantages and disadvantages. They all offer a limited set of formatting commands. If you need more formatting options, add a web page instead of a text page.

Moodle Auto-Format:  The Moodle auto-format offers a simple way to add limited formatting to a text page. It automatically turns codes into smilies, such as turning :-) into a smiley. It turns any word starting with www or http:// into a clickable link. It also enables you to add some HTML tags for text formatting, such as bold, underline, and font size. You can see that its only real advantage over plain text is a few formatting commands. However, you will need to learn the HTML tags for these formats. If you're going to learn these HTML commands, you may as well add an HTML (web) page instead. Then later, when you learn more than these simple HTML commands, you can return to the web page and add to it.  

Plain Text Format:  This is true, unformatted, plain text. It displays your text exactly as you type it. A plain text page is especially useful for presenting a large block of computer code exactly as you write it.  

Markdown Format: If you don't already know Wiki formatting commands, and you just want to quickly create formatted text pages, Markdown format offers a good alternative. Its set of commands is larger than the Moodle auto-format but smaller than Wiki or HTML. It's also intuitive. Writing in Markdown format is meant to be fast and simple. 

Sample Plan Design

Performance improvement plan is to analyze the current performance, process or procedure in order to increase the output, increase efficiency, or increase the effectiveness of the process or procedure. Performance improvement plan is also a effective measure to help employees to achieve their objectives and goals.

Performance plan template is useful when company go through an organization changes. However, it is important for company to know that Performance is an abstract concept and must be represented by concrete, measurable phenomena or events to be measured. A performance plan template will help company achieve the objectives.

When companies are going through their final stage of new products or invention, they usually need a detail test plan. A test plan set out the strategy and scopes that will be used to verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. The test plan defines the objectives and scope of the testing effort, and identifies the methodology that your team will use to conduct tests. A test plan template will help company create a professional and workable plan for testing new things.