Free Moodle Theme - Sky Attractiveness

The Sky Attractiveness theme has a simple layouts and is suitable for education institutions. The Theme is tested on moodle 1.7 or above.

1. Downloading the theme from this page

2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;

The theme has same layout with a Joomla template, if you using both Joomla and Moodle, the theme is your perfect choice

Attractiveness of Sky Moodle theme download



Tutorial: Moodle  Interactive Course Activities

Interactive course activities enable students to interact with the instructor, the learning system, or each other. There are three basic types you may often encounter when designing your course material: Assignment, Choice, and Quiz.

An assignment is an activity completed offline, outside of Moodle. When the student completes the assignment, (s)he either uploads a file for the instructor's review or reports to the instructor in some other way. Regardless of whether the assignment requires uploading a file, the student receives a grade for the assignment.

A choice is essentially a single, multiple-choice question that the instructor asks the class. The result can be displayed to the class, or kept between the individual student and instructor. Choices are a good way to get feedback from the students about the class. You can plant these choices in your course ahead of time, and keep them hidden until you need the students' feedback. You can also add them as needed.

Quizzes and questions that you add to one course can be reused in other courses. We'll cover creating question categories, creating questions, and choosing meaningful question names.

Plan Template Design

There is a information asymmetry  between company and target audience and business need a holistic method to convey right message with a communication plan template.  A communication plan is a written document that describes how you want to achieve your communication goals and objectives.   Communications include all written, spoken, and electronic interaction with the target groups.

The communication plan is a roadmap for the communication and campaign efforts .  It give instructions on how to convey the right message, from the right communicator, to the right audience, through the right channel, at the right time. A communication plan usually have key elements:  communicator, message, communication channel, feedback mechanism, receiver/audience, and time frame. A communication plan template will help planner to produce a professional communication plan that help business to target the right groups and achieve communication objectives.

For any business or communication plan to be successful, you need a detail action plan which make ensure the implementation of plan. An Action Plan is a list of all of the tasks that you need to carry out to achieve a goal. It usually has detail steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed well, for a strategy to succeed.

For organizations that have developed strategic plans or other business plan, they also need a detail action plan for its implementation. Action planning typically includes deciding who is going to do what and by when and in what order for the organization to reach its strategic goals. A well designed action plan template will ensure the development of business.