Free Moodle Theme for LightBlue

The lightblue moodle theme is tested on moodle 1.7 or above, it has the following key features:

  • Follow the principles of " keep it simple" and has a clean design.
  • Flexible design and cross browser support.

How to use the Theme?

1. Downloading the theme from this page

2. Uploading it into this directory: your-moodle-installation/theme/;

3. Go to  Administration » Appearance » Themes » Theme Selector menu;



Tutorials: Moodle  Resources and Activities

Moodle Resources and activities provide  students with Course materials that a student can observes or reads—such as web or text pages, hyperlinks, and multimedia files.

In Editing Mode, you can add Resources and Activities to a course. In general, a Resource is an item that the student views but does not interact with, such as a web page, hyperlink, or directory of files. An Activity is an item that the student interacts with, or that enables interaction between students. Moodle offers more Activities than Resources, such as Chat, Forum, Journal, Quiz, Wiki, and more.

You add Resources and Activities using the drop-down menus that appear in Editing Mode: Selecting an item brings you to the Editing window for that type of item. For example, selecting Link to a file or web site displays the window above.

Plan Template Guide

Business and organizations need to develop various plan template for future plan and tackle issues or improve management level.

Business continuity plan template is to identify the organization's exposure to internal and external threats and work out how to stay in business in the event of disaster. Business continuity plan is a part of an organizational learning effort that helps reduce operational risks. A business continuity plan template will help business create a professional continuity plan to manage unexpected events and tasks.

Quality assurance plan is to evaluate the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met or comply with the original plan. Quality assurance plan is determined by many factors such as the intended users, clients or customers. Quality assurance plan template enables business to produce a professional quality control system and quality management platform.

Quality control plan is a review process that checks all factors involved in production. the main objectives of the quality control plan is to uncover defects, and reporting to management level to make the decisions on the improvement of the whole production process. Quality control plan template can help companies to create a professional quality management system and manage product or service quality.