Free Wordpress Theme

You can use our free Wordpress template to create a professional looking website, We will update our free wordpress theme poll continuously. 

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Wordpress Blue Wordpress Theme

WordPress Overview

WordPress is a free, open-source personal publishing system that allows you to easily create a complex blog, or web log, on your site.

How to use the Theme?

1:Download the zip file to your computer and unzip it.

2:  upload the template folder to your Wordpress site under the  'wp-content/themes' directory of your website.

3: Login into your site as an administrator, You can find the themes in your WordPress administration area > Appearance > Themes.

4: Select the new theme as your default template

Wordpress Installation Checklist

After Wordpress Installation, before you begin your write your blog, check the following essential settings.

Edit Permalinks:  By default your articles’ urls will look something like This url structure is poor for SEO and poor for usability (makes no sense to your users). By changing your url structure to something like you can include the post’s keywords in the url and it makes more sense to your users. Go to Settings > Permalinks Under ‘Common settings’ choose ‘Custom Structure’ Enter %postname%/ in the field Or if you prefer to have the category in the url as well, enter %category%/%postname%/

Edit Appearance:  Download a theme or design your own theme and then Unzip and upload it to wp-content > themes Activate it via Appearance > Themes (then just click on your theme)

Add Your Categories:  When you install Wordpress the default category is ‘Uncategorized’ and this just looks ugly. Assume at some point you’re going to post an article and forget to select a category – what would you want that post to come under by default? I tend to use News or something general like that. Go to Posts > Categories Click on ‘Uncategorized’ to edit it – change it to ‘News‘ or similar Add your other blog categories

Change your Media image sizes: Change your image sizes depending on the size of your content area. Settings > Media

Change your blog tagline: Your tagline may or may not be included in your theme but it’s most likely included in your RSS feed. Settings > General