Report Template

report templateThis is a simple accident report template that can help companies and organizations to report accidents or incidents happened in the working place. In the process of creating your own incident report template, you need to consider the incident report style, format and the key elements in the sample: The incident details, the action taken etc.

You can download  accident report template for both Word and Open Office format.

Report writing is an essential skill for professionals in almost every field: accountants, teachers, sales person etc. A professional designed report template can help you achieve your objectives and write a good report which express your ideas in a clean and powerful format.

A report aims to inform, as clearly and succinctly as possible. It should be easy to read, and professional in its presentation. Exactly what you include in your report and how you present it will vary according to your discipline and the specific purpose of the report.

A good report template will have several sections for you to follow, more importantly, it will enable all your report to have an uniform style and consistent format.

There are various types of report for different purpose, for example, sales report for marketing professionals, expense report for reporting all expense, incident report for reporting accident in working place, annual report for reporting the financial results of organizations.

In the process of creating your own report template, you need to consider the report style, report format and the report objectives.

  • The report template need to consider the objectives of the report as the purpose of your report will determine the style and format.
  • The report template need to consider the report structure. Having a right structure  will help to give your report the correct level of formality; it will also help to ensure that you do not leave out anything important.
  • The report template need to consider the presentation style and format. You may ensure the separate parts of your report stand out clearly and use subheadings  to allow generous spacing between the elements of your report.

Sales report template can help sales person or marketing professionals to  present their sales figures, sales results or sales plan to  sales manager or financial department. Sales report template shows the sales report style and sales report format.

Incident report template is a incident report sample that shows the incident report format, incident report outline and incident report design in the incident report example.

Evaluation report template is a evaluation report sample that demonstrate the evaluation report format, evaluation report outline and evaluation report layout in the evaluation report example.