Contract Template

contract template This loan contract template is a simple version of loan agreement between individuals. If you would like to borrow or lend money from or to your friend or relatives, it will be your good choice.
In the process of creating your own personal loan contract sample, it is important to include the key elements in your contract: The effective date for the contract, the details of both parties including contract number and address, the total amount of loan and interests, the repayment plan, the securities and collaterals, the default options and other terms that both parties agree upon.
Download the Personal loan contract template for both Word and Openoffice Version

Contract template is a legal documents that define the rights and obligations of both parties. A contract template can certainly help you cover all general terms and clauses while giving blank space for specific requirements.

A contract template can help business and organizations to have a consistent style and format for many contracts they signed and negotiated with other parties. In fact, many organization has standards and formatted contract template with the support from company lawyers.

There are different types of contract template depending on the fields and requirements. For example, construction contract template is a written agreement between the borrower and the builder for services to be provided by the builder for a stated consideration; a loan contract template is an agreement  which regulates the terms of a loan; employee contract template define the rights and obligations of both employer and employee.

Although there are different requirements for specific contract template, you need to consider the style, format and key elements in designing the contract template:

  • Contract template must have details of related parties. It is important to know that the parties must have capacity to contract;
  • The purpose and objectives of the contract template must comply with laws. For example, At common law, the elements of a contract are mutual assent and consideration.
  • The contract template need to be validated by all parties involved in the contract negotiation.
  • The contract template should include terms and clause on how to regulate disagreements.


construction contract template is an agreement between project owner and the builder for the project construction. It give instructions on construction contract format and shows the key information contained in the sample construction contract.

Service agreement template is an agreement template that shows the service agreement format, service agreement form and service agreement sample in the service agreement example.

employee contract template is an contract between employee and the employer. Employee contract template shows the style, tools and the format of the employee contract example.

consulting contract template is a consulting agreement between a consulting agency and business owners. A consulting contract template guide you through the process of building up your own personalized sample consulting contract.

Behavior Contract Template shows the methods of controlling the behavior. Behavior contract template shows how to build a well designed sample behavior contract.