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A white paper seems like the perfect format. The white paper allows the reader to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Due to the large amount of data and research, white papers are deep reads and tend to have a formal tone. The white paper must be written with a target reader in mind. The audience may be long-time customers familiar with the industry or new prospective buyers who are entirely new to the field. The white paper must have a proposed solution or recommendation to answer the problem. This solution is based on a thorough examination of the problem and potential solutions. Read them to determine the knowledge gaps and the opportunities to build on existing content.

It can be overwhelming to keep track of the many sources, ideas, and content involved in preparing a white paper. This order responds to the desires of the reader and their preference in receiving the information. In a white paper, the content and research informs the reader and increases their understanding of the problem throughout the document. And no matter the journey, the document must be easy to understand and include informative headings for easy navigation. The abstract offers the reader a brief overview of white paper’s main points. The problem needs to be defined and placed into a context to ensure it’s understood by the reader. The content depends on the reader and the problem. All sources used to develop the white paper must be collected and cited in this section.

However, the investment of time and skill can produce a valuable document that shares your company’s knowledge, contributing to overall education and progress in your industry.

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