Free Joomla 1.6  and 1.7 Template for Education

The Blend Education Joomla 1.6 template has a clean and simple design and can be loaded fast, it is beneficial to your SEO purpose.

The Blend Education template is suitable for school or institutions to create a learning sites. The template has following features

  • One column, two column or three flexible columns
  • Simple and clean design
  • Light-weighted and can be loaded fast which is good for site SEO
  • Elastic design that suits for various windows resolutions.

How to use the template?

1: Download the joomla template

2: Install the theme from your Joomla website back-end panel

3: Select the installed template as your default template

To replace the template logo, you need to first create a logo.jpg file and then replace the logo.jpg file in the images folder with your own photo.

joomla 1.6 template